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The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian Response, 2019

Hurricane Dorian made landfall as a powerful and slow-moving Category 5 storm on Sunday, September 1, 2019.


Having sustained winds of up to 185 mph and moving so slowly - just 1 or 2 mph - residents couldn't be given the all-clear until four days later, on Wednesday morning.

There was severe, widespread damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure across both Abaco islands and Grand Bahama.

Thousands of people were left in urgent  need of essentials like water, food and safe housing. Flooding damage significantly impacted medical treatment and supplies.

How We Helped

  • Our rapid response to the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian began by working with our good friends at Gleaning for the World. CitiHope donated pallets of antibiotics which were delivered immediately by 4 small aircraft to Grand Bahama Island, and valued at $167,000 (that’s over $675,000 in average wholesale price).

  • Our first direct shipment of medicine was packed and ready to move on September 12th but a concerning weather system was approaching Bahamas, Tropical Storm Humberto, and our flights were delayed a few days due to safety concerns.

  • The medicine arrived at Treasure Cay airport on 09/17/19 via 2 small aircraft that were only on the ground for 30 minutes - just enough time to be greeted and unloaded by our team on the ground.

  • The Abaco delivery brought antibiotics, high blood pressure and heart failure medications worth over $340,000 ($2.5 million in average wholesale price).

  • These medicines could treat 12,136 patients with a typical course of therapy for antibiotics, and a 6-mo supply of the chronic medicine!

  • Thanks to the generous donations of people like you, the total return on investment for these deliveries was 51:1 - $51 dollars of medicine was delivered for each $1 donated!


This incredible grassroots response was heroically coordinated by Timothy Hess of Wintergreen Real Estate, and resourced Abaco Crash Fire Rescue and the Corbett Medical Center in Treasure Cay. 

Please consider donating to our Disaster Relief Fund, which will help us prepare for emergencies, respond quickly when they happen, and provide health workers with vital tools they need to care for families in the USA and around the world.

When you give to CitiHope, EVERY DOLLAR MATTERS - we can multiply your impact by up to 40X by leveraging each $1 raised to send $40 in urgently needed medicine.

Thank you for your generous support in times of crisis!

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