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Why Belarus

The former Soviet Republic of Belarus absorbed 70% of the radioactive fallout from the disastrous Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion in 1986, leading to serious public health consequences for the Belarusian people. Cancer and its related long-term health problems remain a serious issue and donated medicines are crucial for vulnerable families. 


Although diplomatic issues forced our program closure in 2011, CitiHope was thrilled to return to Belarus in 2019 to continue serving alongside the people we love. We are grateful to witness the changes enacted which have enabled our humanitarian deliveries to Belarus to resume.

Belarus flag country map

Medical Relief Program

  • Procure and deliver $5 million (AWP) in donated pharmaceuticals per year, based on current 'most-needed' lists provided by the Ministry of Health.

    • Raise financial support to ship and distribute donated medical relief. You can help by donating today!

Progress on Goals

February 2019: CitiHope’s first delivery to Belarus since 2011 contained medicine to treat cancers and rare genetic diseases valued at over $2.25 million AWP ($838,000 WAC).

August 2019: Small shipment of breast cancer and chemotherapy medicine valued at $257,000 WAC.

September 2019: Shipment of antibiotics and heart medications valued at $2 million WAC.

September 2019: Small shipment of antibiotics, heart medication, high blood pressure and NSAIDs valued at over $1 million WAC.

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CitiHope's History in Belarus

In the fall of 1990, CitiHope's current president Paul Moore II traveled to Belarus and met children facing advanced stages of leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and thyroid lymphomas with little or no medicine for treatment.


This encounter led CitiHope to dedicate itself to provide hope and healing to the “children of Chernobyl”, successfully procuring, delivering, and distributing over US $255 million in essential pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and nutritious food in Belarus.


From 1990 to 2011, CitiHope engaged in a diverse array of programs in Belarus, including a maternal-child healthcare program, a breast cancer screening program, primary healthcare reform, nutrition and volunteer initiatives.

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