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2nd USAID Nutrition Program Awarded for Somaliland

Nutritious & delicious food arrives to feed over 15,000 Somaliland moms and kids!

Students of Gumburaha primary school receive food in February 2019

Following four consecutive failed rainy seasons, over one million people in Somaliland are experiencing acute food insecurity. CitiHope, in partnership with Edna Adan University Hospital and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace, recently delivered over 4 sea containers - 75 metric tons! - of shelf-stable prepackaged fortified nutritional supplement Harvest Lentil Pro®.

Produced in Texas by Breedlove Foods, Harvest Lentil Pro® is a safe, non-perishable, non-contaminated vegetable food. It provides nutritional benefits and conforms to the Islamic dietary laws observed by Somaliland's people.

This program is serving approximately 15,730 people in rural and urban areas of Somaliland:

  • Women and children in twelve drought-affected rural communities, coordinating distribution through primary schools, maternal health centers, and health posts in these villages.

  • In the urban areas of Hargeisa and Berbera, we are serving populations often overlooked - mental hospitals, orphanages, and special needs schools.

  • 4,000 students at two primary schools in Ahmed Dhagah district, the poorest part of Hargeisa.

  • Patients – especially pregnant women, new mothers, and their children – seeking medical care at Edna Adan University Hospital (EAUH) in Hargeisa.

  • Students and staff of EAUH and their families, including midwifery students training in Hargeisa and Berbera.

We are proud to partner with a Somaliland-registered Not-For-Profit Charity, Edna Adan University Hospital (EAUH). EAUH is extremely capable, with on-the-ground capacity for program implementation and cooperative relationships with relevant social agencies, NGOs, the Ministry of Health and customs agencies.

CitiHope and EAUH are dedicated to improving the lives of Somalilanders, and this includes dedication to protecting the environment and creating a clean, sanitary society in which people can flourish:

  • The bags and boxes which the food is distributed in to students and their families will be reused by the families for multiple purposes.

  • The plates and spoons on which the food is distributed to patients at the hospital will be washable, keeping water conservation in mind.

  • The shipping containers in which the food will be kept will be used as additional storage for other hospital items and supplies at EAUH after the food has been distributed.

CitiHope is always looking for individuals and companies interested in supporting our vital work in Somaliland. I invite you to join us - learn how here!

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