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USAID Nutrition Program Reaches Over 16,000 People in Somaliland

Through USAID's International Food Relief Partnership (IFRP) program, CitiHope and our partner, Edna Adan University Hospital (EAUH) have delivered 75 metric tons of shelf-stable prepackaged fortified nutritional supplement Harvest Lentil Pro® to communities in need in Somaliland.

Mothers and children pick up Harvest Lentil Pro® at Saxardiid Health Centre
Mothers and children pick up Harvest Lentil Pro® at Saxardiid Health Centre

The program reached 16,367 people in rural and urban areas of Somaliland, including:

· 8,154 students in 20 primary schools

· 5,185 mothers and children at 12 Maternal and Child Health Centers

· 2,343 staff members, medical and midwifery students, and patients at Edna Adan University Hospital

· 445 children at 4 orphanages

· 100 patients at 2 mental hospitals

· 140 children at a children’s center

Lower than normal rains in the fall of 2018, and harsh, dry weather in early 2019 have left many areas of Somaliland experiencing drought conditions. The IFRP program has assisted pregnant and nursing mothers and young children, who are especially vulnerable in times of drought, and supported local hospitals, health centers, and schools working to improve education rates and address maternal and infant mortality. CitiHope and EAUH have partnered with USAID in nutrition programs since 2017, and the food distribution has been welcomed and well received in the participating communities in Somaliland.

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